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Hey, I'm Matt Portman.


I studied journalism. Transitioned into television production. Then stumbled into a decade of comedy performance and show producing.


When it came time to turn my creative abilities into a capital "C" Career, I found advertising. The agency world has been the perfect place for me to take the talents I developed in my formative years and hone them into a craft. Now, I'm a reliable creative who leads teams to remarkable work from brief to finished product for agencies big and small and clients across every sector.

Writing copy that captivates and motivates? Can do. Presenting with gusto, charm, and the occasional funny voice? You betcha. A passion and acumen for the ins and outs of video productions? I'm your guy. The ability to win over clients through patience, dedication, and strong output? Yes indeed. The occasional upsell won through sheer guile and wit? It's been known to happen. The experience to lead with confidence and empathy? Absolutely.

Throughout my career, I've prioritized learning and growing while tackling every project with energy and enthusiasm. I enjoy the creative and emotional problem-solving involved with curating each brand's story. And the relationships and insights I build while working with a team keep me coming back for more.

Oh. And it doesn't hurt that I still appreciate what it means to be steadily employed, rather than working for drink tickets at crappy stand-up comedy shows at seedy bars. That part is nice too.

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