Hey, I'm Matt Portman.


I studied journalism, transitioned into television production, and then stumbled from there into a half-decade of comedy performance.


So naturally, I decided to combine the skills I developed in those fields to become a copywriter.


Where else could I perfectly utilize my abilities to write concise, clear copy, present with charm and gusto - and sometimes funny voices - and understand the ins and outs of video shoots and edits?


Since entering advertising, I've gotten to flex my muscles as the type of multi-capable "content creator" big-shots on LinkedIn love to blog about. But mostly, I've tackled every project with the energy and enthusiasm of someone who appreciates the creative and emotional problem solving involved with crafting each brand's story.


Plus, it doesn't hurt that I have a job in a steady industry and never have to get paid in drink tickets to do crappy stand up comedy shows in the bowels of LA ever again.

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He's that guy you need for that thing you've been talking about.