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Matt Portman does funny things. He does funny things on stages and on camera and on paper. He does funny things with groups of people and sometimes by himself. Here are some of the funny things he has done.


I performed stand-up for over 5 years in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, San Diego, San Francisco, and one time in a basement in Glenview, IL to my brother-in-law's friends while they drank underaged. I've performed to crowds big and small, I've been paid to perform stand up and (much much much more often) not paid to do stand up. Had Jack Black compliment my comedy chops at a funeral. Written jokes for Jerrod Carmichael. Helped Eric Andre prepare for his first late-night appearance live on stage at the Hollywood Improv. I've been on lineups with Whitney Cummings, Iliza Schlesinger, Bobby Lee, Marlon Wayans, TJ Miller, Tom Green, and Nate Bargatze. And yet, the greatest thing I ever achieved in all my years doing stand up, was having a joke get ripped off by the one-and-only Adam Sandler. My parents are so proud.

My bit circa 2012
Adam Sandler definitely ripping me off
Case closed.


For ten years I went from unsure Improv 101 student at UCB to accomplished veteran performer. Over the years I performed successful sell-out shows at both Second City in both Chicago and Hollywood. 


Over the years I've completed improv programs at UCB Los Angeles, iO, and Annoyance. I've performed on many teams and many stages including a one-year stint doing musical improv alongside the now-famous Kelly Mary Tran.

To this day, no one knows why they let me sing.

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